Why you need to wear ‘multiple hats’ to succeed

Without knowing it, we all wear multiple hats. I am an entrepreneur, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a colleague. We always juggle between the different roles of our lives.

When you decide to launch your own business / project (or manage your own music career) the first thing to understand is that you need to wear multiple hats or what I would call ‘multiple personalities’ to improve your success.

Of course, we’re not all born with the following skills, but here’s a list of personality traits that I think every entrepreneur should work on:

The Dreamer. Dreamers are creative people who see outside the box. It is a good thing to be in your own ‘creativity world’ because it allows you to make amazing ideas come to life. Always set your ambitions higher than what seems possible.

The Thinker It is an amazing thing when you take a leap of faith and decide to follow your passion/dream. However, it is essential to build a thorough business plan. The thinker explores every possibility, he must be realistic on what can be done in the time available.

The Planner You need to know how to organise yourself. Once the business plan is written down you need to break down the big picture into small and manageable tasks: identify the timeframes for your goals. and YES, the planner is familiar with the administrative side of things and knows the ins and outs of where the money goes.

The Doer Once everything’s planned you need to take action. Rather than just talking and thinking you must take initiatives and make things happen.

Of course there are so much more than just these 4 personality traits, entrepreneurship is a constant learning process! If you’re an artist and you’re reading this, it is understandable that you’d prefer to stick with the creative side and let other people handle the administrative tasks – do not forget that it is essential to have a team around you!

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