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Why “Nothing Lasts Forever” is a motto we should all live by

Rien ne dure pour toujours, Nothing lasts forever. I know that it sounds like something you’ve heard before but I don’t think that people realize that this single piece of advice is one of the most precious keys to live a more peaceful life.

Everything is in constant motion, our environment evolves, people change and yet we find ourselves stuck in the same place, struggling with the art of letting go. We need to wake up and realize that there’s something magical in the ephemeral moments that we capture, there’s something special knowing that all we have is the NOW. For years I’ve pretended I was in a ‘transition’ phase, because it was my way of showing I had things under control but that’s when we manage to let go that we learn to be grateful for what’s happening to us, good or bad. Know that whatever happens when something ends, you do not enter a ‘transition phase’ you just write the first page of a new chapter. Don’t try so hard to fight against your destiny, embrace it, it already knows who you are deep inside.

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