What happened when I gave up Gluten, Dairy and Sugar

As most of you may know by now, I’ve been battling chronic neuro lyme disease for the past two years. When I first got a diagnosis I knew I had to considerably change my lifestyle, starting with food. When I began my treatment, I got ‘advised’ to go gluten-dairy-sugar free and then it became obvious that it was the right next move to do for my body to heal. I’m not going to go into a scientific explanation but basically the bacterias in my body & brain feed themselves with gluten, dairy, sugar and it significantly increases inflammation in my body. So if I wanna get better I need to make sure these bacterias don’t reproduce themselves, that’s why I decided to cut out gluten dairy and refined-sugar from my diet. So « How did you do? »  you may ask!

Going on such a restricted diet is like going through the different stages of what I like to call ‘the acceptance pattern’!

Stage 1 : Negative self-talk: Anger/ Frustration: The first couple of months I was definitely in that stage, it was so frustrating to see other people eat pizza/chocolate (a.k.a my favorite things in the world) just in front of me. It was also very hard to explain why I couldn’t eat gluten, dairy & sugar especially when you realize that it’s everywhere! (did you know that there was gluten in sausages or sugar in tomato sauce? crazyyy). There were so many times where I wanted to give up but then I remembered that If I did I would ‘feed the monster’, a good reminder for me to keep pursuing this lifestyle.

Stage 2:  Changing my relationship with Food: Learning I became obsessed (in a good/healthy way!) and started reading all the labels on food products, it was intense but a great learning experience. I also understood the relationship that I had with food! I’m surely not the only one out there but I used to turn to food to find comfort when I was feeling disheartened. It was important for me in that stage to reset some of my habits/’thinking patterns’. it all started by being aware of the connection between food/emotions. I ended up finding comfort in things I didn’t know I enjoyed, it encouraged me to spend more time with myself. Changing the way you eat has a positive effect on your body but also on your mind!

Stage 3: Creating a new exciting chapter: Acceptance. Going gluten-dairy-sugar free didn’t make a huge difference for me physically (I’m still looking for the right treatment to get better at the moment) but I know that I would feel so much worse if I didn’t have this diet, it’s helping me to keep my gut on track and it’s surely giving me support to feel better mentally. I got super passionate about healthy food, I enjoy cooking and I’m always happy to share some of my favorite recipes with my family & friends. I totally shifted my perspective and I now consider this diet as an exciting opportunity to experience new food and make new connections! Surprisingly I’ve only had 2 times in 1 year where I got tempted (ok I confess it was tiramisu!) but it tasted differently than what I remembered, I’m happy with the healthy cakes (with refined sugar) that I bake for now – I will see what I choose to do when I get better but for now, going on this healthy diet has been an incredible experience.

Are you following a restricted diet too? Feel free to email me I’d love to listen to your story!  

Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes (Top 5 – found online in French & in English)!

Check them out:🌱/

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