5 ways to nail a Skype meeting

I run a Digital Music PR Agency so I spend a lot of time on Skype with artists especially since I’m working with different countries/ time zones. I prefer meeting up in person when we can but most of the time it’s easier to just set up a time and review things by chatting via video conference. I’d say that I have approximately 3 Skype meetings per week (more when I’m prospecting for new clients) – Yep that’s over 160 per year!

I’ve had some memorable experiences with artists on Skype (good and bad ones!) that’s why it was time for me to write a post on how to nail a Skype meeting. All these tips are based on the experiences that I’ve had for the past 10 years. What was your worst Skype meeting and do you have tips you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below

1. Send your Skype handle (or create a Skype Account if you don’t have one) the day before the meeting. Make sure you remember your login details if you haven’t had a Skype call in a long time

Be on time. if you’re late or cannot make it any more : Send a message to apologize. If you knew the number of times that I’ve waited 30-40 min on Skype and the person didnt show up. Now I only wait 15-20 minutes and If I dont have any updates, I consider the meeting canceled. Of course something can happen and I accept the fact you might be late, take the time to send an email, it’s important – Time is precious for everyone and Honesty is always appreciated

2. Have your Skype meeting in a calm room with good wifi and look decent –  don’t forget to put some clothes on and don’t do your Skype meeting laid down in bed (Yep, people never cease to amaze me)

3. Stay focused don’t check your phone/ don’t text, don’t answer others calls during the meeting. (Show some respect!)

4. Have a notebook with you where you write all the things that could be relevant and useful for you. Prepare questions in advance and take time to do your researches on the person you’re meeting with.

5. Treat the Skype meeting like an usual meeting.  Send a thank you note after hanging up and do send all the info you said you’d sent during the call. Keeping your word is the key to look professional and make a good impression.

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