5 easy tips to nail a business meeting

Since I moved to Brighton (UK), I decided to set as many meetings as possible. It’s so important to network and meet people in your field especially if you’re new in the city. It’s very rewarding and allows you to see how people approach work and opportunities. I have experimented and learned a few tricks that I will share with you here:

  1. Be Punctual. You’d be surprised how many people show up late to meetings, I know that for some of them it’s in their DNA (I’m always so freaking early and cannot help it!) but the least you can do is inform you’re going to be late and apologize.
  2. Know your intentions If you’re asking someone to meet with you, it’s important to state the purpose of the meeting. You need to clarify your intentions : Do I want to work with this person / What kind of questions shall I ask / What can come out of this meeting, how can I help him/ her. You need to ask yourself those questions before the meeting so that you know where you’re going!
  3. Do your research It’s really important to show you’ve done your research. I’m not talking about the ‘stalk him/her on Facebook’ kind of research! When I meet up with artists/companies I always make sure I know what they’ve been up to, to have a clearer idea of what they are working towards.
  4. Keep your word Be trustworthy. I always keep a notebook with me and if I say I’m going to send them something (a contact/name they need, a book recommendation, whatever it is) I make sure I send it to them right after the meeting. It shows you’re professional and that you’re reliable because you’re actually doing what you said you would.
  5. Be grateful People are busy and if they have an hour or two to meet with you it means they adapted their schedule. Their time is valuable. Make sure you send them a thank you note after the meeting to show how grateful you are for their time, I know it’s always appreciated.
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  • Reply Alison April 11, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Quel plaisir de te le lire et de te voir t’épanouir dans ce nouveau jardin <3

  • Reply Edwige April 12, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Thanks for this inspiring post, Charlotte! Choosing a nice and quiet meeting place is an important point for me. I love meeting up with my clients and partners in quirky cafes they’ve never been before!

  • Reply Moyra Scott April 12, 2016 at 8:57 am

    I love this post! great points. am sharing! Good luck with everything.

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