5 Canadian artists you should check out

I’m back after an incredible month in Canada. I got to meet some amazing artists, I think Toronto might have one of the finest music scenes in all of Canada. Here are 5 artists that you should check out!

  1. Liz Loughrey

I had the chance to meet Liz Loughrey and her manager/musician Adrian X during my trip. They are both incredible and are making a difference in today’s music industry. I’m working with Liz for the next couple of months, check out her acoustic performance ‘Rise Up!’ below and yes, you can thank me later 😉

  1. Melanie Durrant

I saw Melanie Durrant at Beach Jazz Festival in Toronto. It was phenomenal, Melanie performed almost two hours with her band. Her vocals were powerful and her stage presence shined through. People were dancing, smiling and enjoying themselves, it was one of the highlights of my summer. Her album ‘Anticipation’ is now available, check out her music video ‘Gone’ below:

  1. Peter Katz

I discovered Peter Katz before my trip to Toronto. I fell in love with his music. His music video ‘We Are The Reckoning’ is one of my favorite tracks (ever?). This is a timeless track, The thought-provoking visuals will leave you speechless, the infectious melody and the beauty of the lyrics will move you to the core.

  1. Michelle Willis 

Michelle Willis released her debut album in May. I love the way she manages to combine Soul/ Jazz and Folk Music. Her album is a veritable journey to another world, her voice is so soothing I can listen to this record all day! Check out her beautiful music video ‘It’ll Rain Today’ below:

  1. Laura Roy

Laura was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia but most of her EP has been recorded in Toronto. Her debut EP is one of my favorite records of the year – I’ve listened to it so much when I was in Canada, this may be my ‘summer record’ 2016. I’m currently working with Laura and if you love Pop R&B you will love the 6 tracks of this EP! Check out her acoustic performance ‘Plastic’ below:

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