3 Success Tips to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As some of you may know, I’m in Toronto for the next few weeks. Yesterday, as I was on the plane to Montréal I had the chance to sit next to a lecturer who teaches entrepreneurship at one of London’s business schools. I’m always thirsty for knowledges and couldn’t help but grab the opportunity to learn from someone who has worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK.

I asked: What are the three things you would say to an aspiring entrepreneur? You’ll be surprised by his answers:

Build Trust. Trust is the essence of everything the key to develop your business and personal relationships. Once you lay the foundations for trust, a lot of positive things can come out of it. Everything is based on trust.


– Be kind. You need to treat people well, and go the extra mile for them when you can. People always want to wait until they receive to give but you should be able to give without reservation. A lot of people think that when you’re business minded, you don’t have to pay attention to how you treat people but that is not true. If you are kind to people, you are sticking to your core values and you are also building yourself a reputation that will attract other people.


Get some rest. Sleep is everything, when you don’t sleep your perception and emotions are altered and everything we do is led by emotions, keep that in mind when you’re working with someone. Always make sure you’re the best at your ability and that’s what sleep can provide.


If you’re reading this and you’re an entrepreneur, feel free to leave a comment I’d love to have your feedback:)

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