15 Life Lessons I’ve learned from entrepreneurs

‘Every person that you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them’

We’re all on the same journey called life but we share differences. We all experience life through our own lens, our own perception of the world because of all the good and bad things we’ve lived that ended up shaping the person we are today. We tend to seek help in books and that’s okay because books can bring us something to a certain extent. However, I came to realize that we can learn so much from each other. You can literally learn more about yourself by listening to others. I met a lot of entrepreneurs since I moved to the UK and I’d like to share some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned with you today.

1. You gotta start somewhere, Take the first step!

2. Learn how to trust your guts when making decisions

3. Know how to let go of projects that no longer serve you, grow you or make you happy. Do not cling on something for so long because you’re afraid to call it failure, it’s not. Move on

4. It’s OK to be 100% committed to your work but learn how to unplug.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

6. Sometimes saying no is the best option you have

7. Good is never good enough and Perfection is impossible.

8. Regrets are the results of procrastination

9. Find your values and stick to them

10. Never settle for less than you deserve

11. Always challenge yourself

12. Patience is a virtue that not everyone owns

13. Learn how to organise your thoughts and actions

14. It’s about the journey not the destination

15. Be who you are by finding out who you’re not.

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